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Meteor Flowers would like to share our favourite small local businesses with you! In times of uncertainty, these businesses pull through with their creativity and resilience. We love everything that these passion driven brands stand for and the products they provide, hence, we want to share them with you!

A Mindful Minute

We first came across a mindful minute’s Instagram page and was immediately drawn to the calmness of the feed. Warm, tender and sensitive, their products are curated carefully to help you ease into a ritual of self-care. While we are on the journey towards sustainability, we are inspired by a mindful minute’s commitment towards using all natural, non-toxic materials in their business. All ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers who care deeply for the environment and practices sustainable harvesting. Products are also produced in small batches to avoid waste. We were so inspired by them that we reached out for a collaboration! Our gift boxes are now available on our website and are available in small batches as well.

Shop our room spray boxes here

Shop A Mindful Minute’s products here

Fourth Orbit

We instantly fell in love with Fourth orbit’s charm when we first saw their ads on Instagram. Odd, Peculiar and Whimsical, they have created a space to home all kinds of eclectic knick-knacks and decor items. There will always be something for everyone with their wide range of second hand products. They even hand paint and up-cycle some items to give it new life!

Shop Fourth orbit products here

Madam Old Candles

Madam Old is a local brand focused on bringing top notched scents that is made in Singapore. Madam Old’s signature scents are an alchemy of premium quality essential oils and pure fragrance oils. Each of the natural ingredients is thoughtfully sourced and carefully researched for their pure qualities and sustainable origins. Only the finest natural ingredients make the grade, where each comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Besides our collaborated gift box of Candles, Madam Old also specializes in creating all-purpose balm, sprays, pure Palo Santo essential oil and Palo Santo smudge sticks. They also make their raw ingredients available for purchase so that you can have a go at creating your very own personalized concoctions!

Shop our candle gift boxes here

Shop madam old’s products here

Sunshine & Love

Full of Warmth and Joy! They specialize in gift making, workshops and events that would bring smiles. Sunshine & Love is about the creation of hand painted gifts from everyday objects like jars, plates, glass bottles and even pasta sauce bottles! They transform mundane items to unique works of art. They are also available for customizations, so go contact them for your one-of-a-kind gifts!

Shop Sunshine & Love products here

These are just a few of our favourites! We will be sharing more on this space so look out for them :) Meteor Flowers want to be a space where we share and uplift our community so if you are a small business looking for collaboration opportunities, send an email our way! We will always be open to explore new ideas and projects.

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