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How to engage us as your wedding floral stylist

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

So you just got engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!

For most first timers, planning a wedding could be daunting. Fred not! We're here to make the planning process much smoother!

Let's get straight into it.

First off, decide and book a date with a venue. This could be a church, lunch/dinner reception, outdoor solemnisation area or simply a small celebration at home . Once you have decided and secured the venue dates, decide on a budget range for the venue's decor (budget needs to be reflective to the scale of the venue)

Now here comes the fun part; visualising your wedding. How would you imagine the day to be like? The vibes? The colours? Here are some items for you to consider having at the wedding

Bridal Bouquet

Essential to every bride! Have a look at different types of bouquets and find the one that suits you best. Of course, we'll be here to help you figure the best shape for you and your wedding outfits.


For Groom, Groomsmen and fathers of the couple


Typically for Bride's maids and flower girls

Posies are small bunches made with the same recipe as the bride's bouquet. Having posies adds texture and colour to group photos and gives an overall cohesive look to the ceremony.

Check the link for an example

Aisle flowers

Depending on location, having aisle flowers would give you a grand entrance and makes for great photos while the couple walks down the aisle.

Check the link for an example


For a fuller more immersive mood, having a backdrop serves as a focal point for the venue and provides a great photo op for guest.

Table Arrangements

Continue the theme of the wedding to the reception with interesting tablescapes. Having a customised table arrangement can completely transform the venue and makes the location much more personalised to the couple.

Floral gifts/favours

Mini bouquets or an interactive floral bar, this is an option for guest to bring home a piece of the wedding home.

Need some inspirations? Click here for our pinterest theme references to help you out!

Start enquiring! -

Let us know what your requirements are and the date of your wedding. Send us a couple of reference images just enough for us to get your vibe and we'll proceed to design and create a moodboard base on your references.

Once we received your requirements, we'll draw out a mood board and raise ideas and designs suitable for the budget and location. There might be some back and forth during the design process so we can bounce ideas and explore options. Once you has decided that you like the vibe and ideas and would like to work with us, we take a 40% deposit to lock the date. Do note that the date will only be booked once the first payment has been done. Before that, all dates will be up for grabs on a first come first serve basis to all enquirers.

Here is a link to our wedding pricelist for our customisable packages and items.

Hope this was helpful for all of you who are planning your weddings! Feel free to reach us via email or Instagram and we'll be happy to help. :)

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