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frequently asked questions


1. What are the delivery timings?

   Weekdays 10am - 12noon, 2pm - 5pm

   Weekends 10am - 12noon

2. What are the delivery fees? 

   Island wide delivery is additional SGD18 for floral     orders unless stated for some items. 

Paper goods will be mailed through postal services      so fees vary depending on location

  (Local or International)


1. There is something in particular that i want.

Can i get my flowers customised? 

  YES. Start by contacting us through Email or IG direct    messages. Bespoke orders requires 3 days advance    notice before the delivery date. 

2. I want something bespoke but I am not familiar with flowers and not sure where to start. 

  In that case, you may select COSMOS on the

  webstore while placing your order. COSMOS is a

  surprise bunch of florist's choice. Guaranteed the

  best blooms of the week!


2. What is the time frame required to confirm your services? 

  Depending on the scale of project, 2-3weeks a 

  advance confirmation will be required before

  the date of event. 

1. What is the process of engaging your floral services?

  Start by contacting us through Email or IG direct 

  messages with your requirements. We will follow up 

  with a mood board and concepts catered to your 

  requirements and budget. 


1. What are subscription flowers?

  A subscription plan of flower delivery either for the home or as continuous gifts for loves ones. Choose between 4 standard size or 4 large size. All bouquets are designed for vase arrangement.

2. How often do i get the flowers? Can i choose the  dates for delivery? 

  You will be allowed to set any date within 2 month from start date. Upon confirmation on your order, we will be in touch with you to confirm dates and timings. 

3. What happens if there is a change in date? 

  Change of date should be done at least 2 days in advance prior to the original set date of delivery. 

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